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Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

Hitha, a journey of goodness:

Healthy body, mind and soul is the essence of life. We want all things best for our kids but are we providing the best nutrition? A question that prompted our family to switch to all-natural foods has now reached the doors of many. Hitha was thus born, as an answer to that question. With a background in all-natural agriculture, we took it upon ourselves to spread community wellness by providing all-natural foods like millets, batter, milk, oil, mangoes etc., were grown in various family-owned and family leased lands.


We could have shelled out money & bought expensive groceries, but that doesn't guarantee natural, healthy & nutritious food. Agriculture is hard work but its rewards are immense. We've seen it closely, in our own homes. We've seen it make a difference to communities we've served. And we want to see it change the lives of many. We've conquered many milestones, yet we continue our journey of goodness. Because, Hitha is not just a brand, it's a movement of community health and wellness.

Food that's all-natural all the way


The soil, seed, manure & feed, everything is as pure as nature's lap. No chemicals, no harsh fertilizers. Providing outstanding-quality produce is our priority. Our commitment to quality is consistent with production, harvesting and handling. The outcome is absolutely fresh, unaltered and nutritionally rich produce that you wouldn't be able to resist.

Healthy is not a way of life, healthy is life

Our produce is packed with maximum nutritional benefits because it's all grown using Zero Budget Natural Farming, a sustainable farming technique that requires the use of natural pesticides and restoring soil fertility and organic matter using eco-friendly practices.


our-story-values Hitha's values

We at Hitha committed to serving you the best quality food, grown all-natural. Grown in the nutrient-rich & chemical-free soil of our family-owned and family leased lands, our fresh produce is the perfect addition to your daily diet.

our-story-vision Our vision

Giving back to nature by choosing sustainable & eco-friendly farming. Providing Nutritious, natural, chemical-free food to our community by eliminating the use of chemicals for ripening and harsh fertilizers - a journey of Everyone’s Happiness.

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